Rehab Services

High Quality Rehab Services from Complete Performance Centre

Physical injuries should be addressed by a professional as soon as possible. Depending on their severity, sports injuries can delay or even end an athlete’s career. At Complete Performance Centre, we offer the most comprehensive physical rehab services in the Ajax, Pickering and Durham regions, including physiotherapy, massage therapy, and women’s health physiotherapy. Here is some more information about the rehab services available from the trained and certified professionals at Complete Performance Centre.


The physiotherapists at Complete Performance Centre take a holistic approach to injury recovery, focusing on rehabilitation, performance, and function. We begin the physiotherapy process with an in-depth assessment to determine the cause of the injury as well as your physical health and your goals for rehabilitation. We have innovative equipment and state-of-the-art facilities to help encourage your recovery, as well as a number of certified athletic therapists, kinesiologists, and personal trainers to get you back into the best shape possible.

Massage Therapy

 Massage therapy is a healthcare practice in which soft tissue is stimulated through massage in order to improve blood circulation and provide relief from muscle tension and joint pain. Massage therapy can help to treat repetitive stress injuries, chronic pain, headaches, arthritis, and much more. The registered massage therapists at Complete Performance Centre can help treat a number of physical conditions and alignments through this effective holistic healthcare practice.

Women’s Health Physiotherapy

 At Complete Performance Centre, we recognize that women have specific health concerns that must be addressed as a part of any physical rehabilitation program. Our women’s health physiotherapy focuses on issues that affect a women’s pelvic floor, which supports the bladder, uterus, vagina, rectum, and small intestines. Our women’s health physiotherapy can help address issued related to incontinence, pre- and post-pregnancy pain and discomfort, and hip, lower back, and pubic pain.

Get on the Road to Recovery with Rehab Services at Complete Performance Centre

 Recovering from a physical injury or condition with the help of certified professionals is the best way to avoid complications and allow your body to get the relief it needs. Complete Performance Centre offers the highest quality physical rehab services in Pickering, Ajax and Durham, including physiotherapy and massage therapy. Our innovative facilities and staff of professional trainers, registered massage therapists, sports coaches, and physiotherapists can help make your recovery speedy and smooth. For more information about our rehab services, contact us today at Complete Performance Centre.